simply, unpretentiously

You may have watched with horror the TV series Dance Moms!  Your child may have been the victim of unnecessary cruelty or pessimism in other dance schools.  You may have witnessed hysterical teachers, screaming at their pupils, before shows, and realised that the cries were coming from a fear of being shown up for failures, as teachers, rather from concern that the child perform well per se.

UnknownWe pride ourselves on NOT being like that at all at La Companyia!

We have enough experience and maturity to understand that it is collaboration and a feeling of safety in the school that will allow the students to take the risks necessary to expose themselves on stages in the future, so we try to avoid all screaming.

However, we do not let up on the rigour and demands imposed by the dance world.  We will do our very best to encourage you to stretch yourself to your limits, but we will also do our utmost to achieve this without losing our tempers!

We do not demand that you have fancy equipment or uniforms, though we do ask that you wear suitable and decent clothing for your training.  We have an extensive stage wardrobe, much of it made by Elise and other “moms” in the early days!  So, we do not require you to pay exorbitant sums for the privilege of showing off La Companyia in performances..

And above all, we encourage you to be proud, but not a braggart.  The dance world is small, and everybody knows everybody, so we want you to get your very first encounters right, as your reputation is built on your attitude as well as your abilities!