full-time group

This is an intensive programme for students of an advanced standard, from the age of 14, who want to start auditioning for companies, or to enter a top ballet school. Each student’s curriculum is prepared individually, according to needs and aspirations.  This is defined in collaboration with the Director and the team.  Beyond the two daily classical classes the schedule may include: different styles of contemporary dance, jazz, singing, theatre, anatomy, English, German, musical theatre, history of ballet, choreography, repertoire and more.

The full-time students participate every month in an “Open Rehearsal”,  thereby also learning how to manage  a performance, from booking artists to preparing the written programme and poster, organising rehearsal times and learning to be responsible.

Because of the intense work, the tailored program, and the strong commitment from both sides, most members of the full time group achieve what they set out to do.