At La Companyia, there is a sense that dance only has a meaning once you use it to communicate.  For this to happen, you need an audience.  And to find an audience, you need to make yourself available and vulnerable.

pas-de-deux-la-bordetaWe manage to achieve this by ensuring that most, if not all, our dancers get a chance to be on stage a lot!

Once a month, the full-time group, and some others get together and give an “open” rehearsal in front of an audience of local and interested people.

ricky-polioramaTens of times a year we take our productions to stages around Catalunya, and even to France, our neighbour.

vsilia-russianAnd of course, we ensure that our summer intensive is full of performance as well as theory, with as many as three shows over the five weeks, including all from three year olds to international guest artists, with a link to La Companyia.