our studios

Our main studios are located in a modest civic centre near the Sants Station in Barcelona.  As you walk up the stairs to class, you will most likely see elderly men playing chess, or even travellers coming in for a cooling drink!  It is a quite unique cohabitation that Elise deliberately created when she started out, and all of those linked with La Companyia are deeply grateful to the the team at the Centre, as well as for our collaboration with the visionary director, Josep Cuadras, who offered so much help at the outset.

UnknownThe studios are large and airy, with air conditioning and heating for those who want it:


images-1And our “theatre” is the stage downstairs, which is used for many of our shows.  The room is usually a lot fuller than this!

We also travel to other parts of Catalunya and France, to give shows and participate in exchanges.  We are not fussy about our studios, and dance wherever we can.  It’s part of our philosophy!