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557069_471937422834915_1900902118_n-150x150aaron-etudesAaron Robison

Aaron has danced with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, Corella Ballet, and is now a soloist with the Houston Ballet.His early years with Elise and the team allowed him to develop the confidence and technique he required to succeed so early.

65802_4366646284512_711140433_n-150x1501392044_10152379825929832_2105163026_nAnna Monleon

Anna, or Anita, as she was known when she was young, danced for most of her early years with La Companyia, before finishing her dance education at Elmhurst School for Dance in the UK.  From there, she has danced with Northern Ballet, and is now a member of the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

sonia-in-neue-suite-liceu-2015dsc_0294Sonia Vinograd Guidotti

Sonia, a part-time member of La Companyia, working with our teacher, Rodolfo Castellanos, and Lourdes de Rojas, the ballet mistress at the time.  She won a  Prix de Lausanne in 2012, and  went on to become a member of the SemperOper Ballet company in Dresden, and then Norwegian Opera.

531694_126462370863281_352040925_n-150x150541511_126463994196452_2100482420_n-150x150Clara Pascual

Clara did all her dance training at La Companyia, before winning a prize that allowed her to  develop her skills first at NDT2 and then in the Landestheater ballet company, in Austria, before joining the Opera Graz, where she is a soloist.

30678_1394725400183_2273826_n-150x15010152459_10202644545826840_2104383065_n-150x150David Valls Fernandez

David did all his training until after high school with La Companyia, from where he went to train at the London Studio Centre – a school with very strong links with the boys from La Companyia.  After graduation from LSC, he joined the Sarasota Ballet, and now dances at Nuremberg Opera Ballet.

screen-shot-2015-09-02-at-12-26-4011944747_10153458482090673_995420884_nJoan Clevillé

Joan started dancing at the age of 16 with La Companyia, and obtained his first contract with Carmen Roche in Madrid, aged 20.  He has since danced in Valencia and in Graz, Austria, before moving to Scotland, with Scottish Dance Theatre.  He is now a freelance dancer and choreographer.

lucy-lummisLucy Lummis




photo-debora-2009-momentart-movesdsc_0158Debora MaiquesMarín

A Barcelona native, she did all her training at La Companyia, working alongside Elise’s daughter, Lucy, who is now an international musical theatre artist and director.  Debora  has danced with Ballet Carmen Roche, Compañia Nacional de Danza, and is now a soloist at Ballet Basel in Switzerland.

Annabeth Berkeley in Jo Fong's film Witness.dream-calendarAnnabeth Berkeley

Annabeth did her early training with La Companyia, before going on to join the National Dance Company of Wales.  She has recently featured in a film about dancers, called Witness, made by Annabel Fong.

screen-shot-2015-05-15-at-13-20-41199376_10151103861034667_659761113_nJonatan Salgado

Jonatan did his early training, having started very late, with La Companyia, before going on to the prestigious ballet course at the London Studio Centre.  From here, he was picked to join the Linz Ballet Company, in Austria, where he very quickly rose to soloist status.  He then moved away to the Regensburg Theater in Germany, before returning to Linz as a soloist this year.  He has had many roles created for him, especially two Romeos!

13218_10151449187623540_1015706310_n-150x1501010938_10201165602243547_1603672679_nAdriana Barrabes Fontanet

Adriana did all her dance training with La Companyia, and has done two summer special productions at the English National Ballet, performing in both Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet. She is now a dancer at Pasodos Company.


img_2394-150x15010580010_876638615697994_5398384303103863345_n-150x150Tamara Gutierrez Sales

Tamara did her training at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, as well as at La Companyia, from where she went on to study at the London Studio Centre, before entering her career with Barcelona Ballet, Corella Ballet, and now Pasodos Company.