success stories

Sometimes the most challenging thing for a dance school is to take the less obviously promising students, and make them into whatever they can manage.  This is not the strategy adopted by many of the internationally renowned ballet schools, which prefer to recruit the most beautiful bodies, the longest legs, the flattest turnout, etc.

La Companyia has taken pride in shaping a range of strong dancers, whose bodies and abilities did not necessarily predispose them to succeed in the more obvious places, ways and companies.  We understand that a career in dance can happen in all kinds of contexts, and we explore these as far as we are able.  We believe very clearly that where there is a will, there is a way, and the following stories illustrate the point…

179828_181936468514103_7216613_n1503856_10203322263922452_1757809644_nAlbert Cusell – Albert came to La Companyia in his mid teens, having started dancing elsewhere, but in search of some discipline, rigour and artistry, as well as help with his physical capacities.  He did not have natural turnout, and did not make the most of his (already inconsiderable!) height.  Over a few years in Elise’s beady eye, and with the work of the rest of the team, Albert gradually transformed, into the beautiful dancer he is today.  He has just graduated from the London Studio Centre, and is destined for a strong career.

150994_504890279631970_930432184_narnau-lscArnau Galindo Alises – Arnau did all his training with Elise, until he went to London Studio Centre at the beginning of 2014/15, directly into the third year of the Jazz Department.  He has worked incredibly hard, and has been egged on by the team at La Companyia, to make the  most of his body, which is definitely not the standard ballet body.  He is currently in the process of becoming a very charismatic and impressive jazz dancer, and who knows which West End stage you might see him on one day soon?

528985_10152456274805015_2049592267_n1-150x150Clara Pascual – Clara was originally a gymnast, and had the typical, short, but very strong body of a young female gymnast when she decided to start training as a dancer with La Companyia.  She worked devotedly with the team to transform her body, lengthening her muscles and working her technique to show herself to greatest advantage.  She has always had a very strong artistic temperament, and demonstrated this by winning an international dance competition when she was 18, and thus gaining entry to a year’s apprenticeship at the world-renowned Nederlands Dans Theater 2.  From here, she was able to become a soloist in the prestigious Linz Opera Ballet Company.  She is still working as a soloist and choreographer.