the team and direction

La Companyia Juvenil de Ballet Clàssic de Catalunya was created by Elise Lummis in 1994, with the objective of providing dance and theatre classes to local children in the Sants area of Barcelona, and of doing this modestly but with great ambition for performance and artistry.  The creation of the company followed on from almost twenty years of teaching in Barcelona, and previous companies and groups masterminded by Elise.

25anysdedansacasinethostafrancsjuliolde2011-01-300x224Elise  attended a prestigious ballet school in the UK, and had a career around the world before landing in Barcelona as a young woman.  She has always acutely felt the need to create a safe and nurturing environment for young people to learn in, and has been able to attract a strong team of teachers, due to her charisma and credibility.

Different techniques and approaches are welcome.  Elise is a highly skilled teacher and Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance, from the UK, while other teachers bring Russian, Cuban, American and more modern European schools to the table.  The main thing for a student is to be able to embrace the different styles, and to identify his or her own preferences.

Programs, for the year, for workshops, and for performances alike are studied, debated, and made to come alive in the collaborative style that is so natural to Elise and her team.  There is no drama in this school, apart from the magic you will see on stage!